Search and stash your favorite movies and shows to watch for later.

Displays searching and stashing favorite movies and shows to watch later.

Bootstrapped with Create React App. [OMDB API] ( - collects the posters for the movies we’re searching for. Insomnia to play with the API anc check the JSON received from our requests. Bootstrap


This creates a new React app in our directory. npx create-react-app movie-app

This command will install packages which might take a couple of minutes. It will install react, react-dom, react-scripts with cra-template.

A git repo will be initialized and the template’s dependencies will be using npm.


npm start - starts the dev server To view within browser open to http://localhost:3000. Page will reload when changes are made and ESLint errors displays within the console.

npm run build - bundles the app into static files for production and optimizes the build for the best performance. After build is minified the filenames include hashes.

npm text - starts the test server in interactive watch mode.

npm run eject - removes this tool and copies build dependencies, config files and scripts into the app directory. THERE’S NO GOING BACK AFTER RUNNING THIS COMMAND! There’s no need to use eject.

Getting Started:

In Terminal:

cd TV-Shows-and-Movie-Tracker npm install bootstrap npm start

Visit the app within the browser locally on port 3000.